What Does Ineffectual Mean?

What is inefficient?

: not efficient: such as.

a : wasteful of time or energy inefficient operating procedures.

b : incapable, incompetent an inefficient worker.

c : not producing the effect intended or desired..

What does ineffectual person mean?

an ineffectual person does not have the ability or confidence to do something well.

What is another word for ineffectual?

SYNONYMS FOR ineffectual ON THESAURUS.COM 2 ineffective, fruitless, pointless, abortive. 3 feeble, weak.

What Peck means?

Peck means a quick and casual kiss. An example of a peck is a kiss on the cheek. noun.

What does crowdedness mean?

: the quality or state of being crowded.

What is an attractive?

adjective. providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner; pleasing; charming; alluring: an attractive personality. arousing interest or engaging one’s thought, consideration, etc.: an attractive idea; an attractive price. having the quality of attracting.

What does mean crowded?

adjective. filled to excess; packed. filled with a crowd: crowded streets. uncomfortably close together: crowded passengers on a bus.

How do you use ineffectual in a sentence?

This battle ended a long series of ineffectual operations. Her kicks were ineffectual against the guardsman’s chainmail, and his sword plunged into her chest.

What is the difference between ineffective and ineffectual?

It means too weak to produce the desired effect. Ineffectual is similar to ineffective, but while ineffective implies that something simply doesn’t work, ineffectual carries with it the idea of weakness too.

What is the meaning of prodded?

verb (used with object), prod·ded, prod·ding. to poke or jab with or as if with something pointed: I prodded him with my elbow. to rouse or incite as if by poking; nag; goad.

What is the opposite word of space?

“The most common problem is at the joint between bathtub and tile or shower pan and tile.”…What is the opposite of space?crowdednesscrampenclosurenarrownessrestraintrefusalmisfortunelimitconfined spaceregulation8 more rows