Quick Answer: What Is A Synonym And Antonym For Rigid?

What is rigid personality?

In psychology, rigidity or mental rigidity refers to an obstinate inability to yield or a refusal to appreciate another person’s viewpoint or emotions characterized by a lack of empathy..

What is the meaning of rigid rod?

1 not bending; physically inflexible or stiff. a rigid piece of plastic.

What is rigid thinking a sign of?

A personality disorder is a type of mental disorder in which you have a rigid and unhealthy pattern of thinking, functioning and behaving. A person with a personality disorder has trouble perceiving and relating to situations and people.

How do you help someone who is rigid?

Try these 10 ways to increase your flexibility:Observe your rigid behaviors. Spend a few days actively taking note of your routines and rules. … Try new things. Try a new food, sport, type of movie, deodorant, anything! … Embrace opportunities. … Be in the moment. … Mix it up. … Go with the flow. … Compromise. … Let it go.More items…•

What’s an antonym for buy?

Antonyms of BUY extravagance, dispose of, ignore, luxury, forfeit, barter, lose, exchange, rip off, surrender, market, fail, overcharge, markup, yield, sell, soaking, surcharge, misunderstand.

What is an antonym for compatible?

unfitting, inharmonious, improper, opposite, Conflictive, disagreeable, contentious, immiscible, disunited, opposing, quarrelsome, Rivaling, incompatible, hostile, antipathetic, unsuited, competitive, contrary, inimical, unmixable, unfriendly, belligerent, unsuitable, competing, disharmonious, antagonistic.

What are things that are rigid?

The definition of rigid is a person or thing that is stiff, doesn’t bend or doesn’t move. An example of rigid is a thick metal pole. An example of rigid is someone who will only take showers at night. adjective.

How do you work with a rigid person?

How To Communicate With People Who Are Rigid, Dogmatic, and InflexibleDon’t become inflexible yourself. … Focus away from yourself and to the other person. … Just say yes. … Assertively and respectfully disagree. … Listen athletically. … Check for understanding. … Do not let inflexible people dominate group discussions.More items…•

What does it mean to call someone rigid?

When we see rigidity in a person, it means they’re severe, like a teacher who punishes you for being late even though you were busy saving an orphan from a polar bear. … Rigidity means about the same thing as inflexibility, another word that describes rock-solid, unyielding people and substances.

What is the meaning of compatible?

adjective. capable of existing or living together in harmony: the most compatible married couple I know. able to exist together with something else: Prejudice is not compatible with true religion.

What is a rigid system?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishri‧gid /ˈrɪdʒɪd/ ●●○ AWL adjective 1 rigid methods, systems etc are very strict and difficult to change OPP flexible rigid and authoritarian methods of education2 someone who behaves in a rigid way is very unwilling to change their ideas or behaviour OPP flexible rigid …

What is the opposite of come?

What is the opposite of come?leavedepartabandondesertescapeforsakequitdisappear fromwithdraw frompart8 more rows

What is the opposite of tranquility?

Opposite of mental or emotional calm. discomposure. distress. agitation. anxiety.

What is the opposite of sober?

sober(adjective) not drunk; not intoxicated. Antonyms: drunk.

What is the synonym of rigid?

SYNONYMS FOR rigid 1 unbending, firm, inflexible. 2 immovable, static. 3 austere, stern, unyielding.

What is another word for compatible?

In this page you can discover 46 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for compatible, like: agreeable, fit, cooperative, congruent, harmony, conformable, simpatico, harmonious, friendly, suitable and synonymous.

What is the same meaning of compatibility?

adjective. 1’the two young men were never compatible’ SYNONYMS. well suited, suited, well matched, like-minded, of the same mind, in agreement, in tune, in harmony, reconcilable. archaic accordant.

What does not rigid mean?

adjective. not rigid; flexible. (of the gas envelope of an airship) flexible and held in shape only by the internal gas pressure.

What is an antonym for rigid?

1 adj Laws, rules, or systems that are rigid cannot be changed or varied, and are therefore considered to be rather severe., (disapproval, Antonym: flexible) …

What’s another word for bye?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for goodbye, like: farewell, God be with you, God bless you and keep you, toodle-oo, auf Wiedersehen (German), fare you well, cheerio, alligator; have a nice day, goodby, bye and so-long.

What is the opposite of cheap?

inexpensive: expensive, worthy, valuable, superior, priceless, upper, noble, costly, precious, sophisticated, unreasonable, excellent, dear.