Quick Answer: What Does Saki Mean?

What does Sakai mean in Japanese?

Japanese: variously written, most usually with the characters for ‘rice wine (sake)’ and ‘well’..

What name means hope in Japanese?

Different ways of writing. Although the name Nozomi is generally written with the kanji for wish 望, hope 希, のぞみ in hiragana, or ノゾミ in katakana, it can have other different meanings depending on which kanji is used.

What does Sakhi mean in Islam?

Sakhi is a muslim boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. Sakhi name meaning is Generous, Liberal and the associated lucky number is 4.

What is best name in Japanese?

Top 10 Japanese names for boys and girls in 2018さくら – Beautiful like the cherry blossom :(さくら Sakura)凛 – Be tightened, motivated:(りん Rin)芽依 – Beloved:(めい Mei)葵 – Honest, respectful:(あお Ao)、(めい Mei)、(あおい Aoi)、(ひまり Himari )紬 – Gorgeous:(つむぎ Tsumugi)莉子 – Cuteness:(りこ Riko)More items…•

Is Saki a Japanese name?

Saki (written: 咲) is a feminine Japanese given name.

What does Saki mean in Urdu?

Definitions of Saki n. The alcoholic drink of Japan. … There are always several meanings of each word in Urdu, the correct meaning of Saki in Urdu is ساکی, and in roman we write it Saki. The other meanings are Janobi America Ka Bandar Jis Ki Dam Lambi Hoti Hai Aur Galay Mein Kantha Hota Hai and Saki.

What name means death in Japanese?

shi死 (shi) means “death,” and consists of two parts.

What is the Japanese name for love?

In Japanese, both “ai (愛)” and “koi (恋)” can be roughly translated as “love” in English.

What does the name Saki mean?

Meaning of Saki Saki means “blossom” (from Japanese “咲/sa”) and “hope” (from Japanese “希/ki”).