Quick Answer: What Are The Challenges Of Economic Development In Africa?

What are the challenges of development in Nigeria?

Research and human capital development in Nigeria are faced with enormous challenges.

These challenges include: inadequate funding; lack of equipments facilities and material, lack of awareness, lack of implementation of research results, low rating in human capital indices, Brian-drain, etc..

Which are the difficulties for economic development?

However, the economy still faces various problems and challenges, such as corruption, lack of infrastructure, poverty in rural areas and poor tax collection rates. Despite rapid economic growth, unemployment is still an issue in both rural and urban areas.

What are the challenges of social development?

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has identified the long-standing issue of unemployment as one of the biggest challenges to economic growth in South Africa, along with poverty, large wealth disparities and a high incidence of HIV/AIDS. Poverty and joblessness reflect, in part, our economic landscape.

What are two main barriers in the way of sustainable development?

There are other social barriers which are: The marginalization of the poor and entrenched inequities Limited awareness about sustainable development. Environmental issues among both politicians and the wider public fragmented civil society. Inadequate interaction between civil society and government.

What are the barriers to development?

Declining terms of trade. Savings gap; inadequate capital accumulation. Foreign currency gap and capital flight. Corruption, poor governance, impact of civil war.

What are the challenges of sustainable development?

The main challenges to sustainable development which are global in character include poverty and exclusion, unemployment, climate change, conflict and humanitarian aid, building peaceful and inclusive societies, building strong institutions of governance, and supporting the rule of law.