Question: Why Does Torvald Not Like Krogstad?

Why is Krogstad a bad reputation?

Krogstad implies that he isn’t concerned only about the money; his position at the bank is very important to him.

He speaks of a “bad mistake” he committed, which ruined his reputation and made it very difficult for his career to advance..

Why was Krogstad fired?

Why does Krogstad think he is being fired? Krogstad thinks he is being replaced by Ms. Linde because he saw her with Torvald. … Krogstad has the power to manipulate Nora and force her to do things, because he knows her secrets, and can destroy everything by telling Torvald the truth when he wants to.

What crime did Nora commit?

forgeryIn the play A Doll’s House, by Henrik Ibsen, Nora Helmer commits the crime of forgery. She signs her father’s signature to a loan document, although her father has passed away. Nora has two reasons, or motivations, for committing this crime.

What did Krogstad do illegally?

Like Nora, Krogstad is a person who has been wronged by society, and both Nora and Krogstad have committed the same crime: forgery of signatures. … Linde abandoned him for a man with money so she could provide for her family makes it possible for us to understand Krogstad as a victim of circumstances.

Why did Nora borrow money from Krogstad?

To save Torvald’s pride, Nora borrowed money without his knowledge and funded a year in Italy. In order to pay off the debt, she’s been skimming from the allowance Torvald gives her and secretly working odd jobs. … He goes in to see Torvald. Christine tells Nora that she once knew Krogstad.

What does Dr Rank confess to Nora?

Rank confesses his love for her. … He asks whether he should “leave for good” now that he has proclaimed his love for her, but Nora is adamant that he continue to keep Torvald company. She tells Dr. Rank how much fun she has with him, and he explains that he has misinterpreted her affection.

Why does Nora forged her father’s signature?

Mrs. Linde decides to visit Nora; Nora decides to forge her father’s signature to obtain a bond; Krogstad decides to threaten Nora with exposure if she doesn’t help him keep his position; Nora decides to leave her husband; and so forth.

How much money did Nora borrow from Krogstad?

Krogstad reveals that he can prove she borrowed the 250 pounds from him by forging her father’s signature. Her situation was desperate when she needed the money, Nora explains.

What is the relationship between Torvald and Krogstad?

Torvald Helmer to Nils Krogstad For the most part, Torvald and Krogstad stand out in stark relief to each other. Torvald has a bright future and the respect of the community; Krogstad’s prospects are pretty dismal and everybody hates him. Torvald is a law-abiding do-gooder while Krogstad is a shady blackmailer.

What does Krogstad say about Torvald?

Krogstad blames Torvald for forcing him back into deceitful actions. He says that he can never forgive Torvald because he wants Nora to worry.

Is Dr Rank in love with Nora?

Dr. … While speaking with Nora, Dr. Rank confesses his love for her, adding that Torvald is not the only man who would make sacrifices for her. In the end, however, we learn that Torvald does not even consider sacrificing himself for Nora.

What does Mr Krogstad want from Nora?

Krogstad just wants to regain his standing in the community. He tells Nora, “I want to rehabilitate myself” (2.83). Ever since he got caught in a forgery scheme back in the day, everybody thinks he’s a nasty, terrible person. Sure, he did commit a crime, but it was pretty small.