Question: What Is The Sum Between Two Numbers?

What 2 numbers have a sum of 18 and a difference of 6?

“THE SUM OF two numbers is 18 and the difference is 6”.

So x+y = 18 and x-y = 6.

Algebraically, we can add those two equations to find 2x = 24, so x = 12.

And then the other number must be 6..

What 2 Numbers add up to 21?

Therefore the factors of 21 are 1, 3, 7 and 21. All that is left to do is to work out the sum of these numbers, that is to add them all up.

How do you find the sum of two numbers?

Answer: Sum means add and product means multiply. The two numbers are 1 and 12, as 1 + 12 = 13 and 1 multiplied by 12 gives 12.

Is the sum of two numbers Addition?

Addition. When two numbers are added together, the result is called a sum. The two numbers being added together are called addends.

What is the sum of 18 and the difference of 2?

Answer. Let the numbers be x and y. Hence, the two numbers are 8 and 10. Hopefully this helps!

What is the formula of sum of n terms?

Sum of N Terms Formula It is equal to n divided by 2 times the sum of twice the first term – ‘a’ and the product of the difference between second and first term-‘d’ also known as common difference, and (n-1), where n is numbers of terms to be added.

How do you find the sum of the first 20 terms?

Exercise. Calculate the sum of the first 20 terms of the arithmetic sequence whose formula for the nth term is: un=1+(n−1)×4. … Answers Without Working.Formula 2. Given an arithmetic sequence, we can calculate the sum of its first n terms, Sn, using the formula: Sn=n2(2.

Does the sum mean add?

In mathematics, sum can be defined as the result or answer we get on adding two or more numbers or terms. Here, for example, addends 8 and 5 add up to make the sum 13. The sum of the opposite sides of a die is always seven.

What 2 numbers have a sum of 17 and a difference of 3?

10 and 7 have a sum of 17 and a difference of 3.

What two numbers equal 18?

Factors of 18: Testing the integer values 1 through 4 for division into 18 with a 0 remainder we get these factor pairs: (1 and 18), (2 and 9), (3 and 6). The factors of 18 are 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18.

What is the sum of 1 to N?

Sum of the First n Natural Numbers. We prove the formula 1+ 2+ … + n = n(n+1) / 2, for n a natural number. There is a simple applet showing the essence of the inductive proof of this result.

What is the sum of 2 integers?

Rule: The sum of any integer and its opposite is equal to zero. Summary: Adding two positive integers always yields a positive sum; adding two negative integers always yields a negative sum.

What two numbers have a sum of 18 and a difference of 8?

1 Expert Answer So the two numbers are 13 and 5.