Question: What Is The Opposite Of Sleep?

What is the opposite of late?

not on time: live, prompt, early, old-fashioned, punctual, on time, old, antique..

What is the opposite word of sleeping?

“We need to wake up early tomorrow to avoid missing our flight.”…What is the opposite of sleeping?sleeplesswakefulwide-awakewide awakerousedattentiveup5 more rows

What is the opposite of wake up?

“She woke up to the sound of the alarm clock” Antonyms: nod off, fall asleep, flake out, drowse off, drift off, doze off, drop off, dope off.

What is light sleep?

LIGHT SLEEP “Your brain has dipped into sleep but you don’t feel like you’re asleep.” Stage 2: When people talk about light sleep, this is the stage they’re usually referring to. You’re asleep but can be easily awoken. That said, stage 2 sleep is not shallow, nor is it less important than other sleep stages.

How do I stop being restless while sleeping?

“Go to sleep at a reasonable time and keep your sleep as regular as possible. Keep your sleeping area as cool, dark, quiet and comfortable as you can. Cut down on caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine in the afternoon or evening.” If none of that works, and you’ve been dealing with tosses and turns for months, call your doc.

What is another word for deep sleep?

Similar words for deep sleep: hypnotism (noun) other synonyms. bewitchment. slumber.

Are you awake now meaning?

1 to emerge or rouse from sleep; wake. 2 to become or cause to become alert. 3 usually foll by: to to become or make aware (of)

What is the opposite of deep sleep?

What is the opposite of deep sleep?fitful sleepinsomnialight sleeprestlessnesssleeplessnesswakefulnesswakingwatchfulnessinability to sleep

What is the opposite of make?

Opposite of to create or form something. destroy. break. demolish. dismantle.

What is opposite of silent?

Antonyms: audible, communicatory, hearable, explicit, noisy, communicative, expressed, articulate. Synonyms: static, smooth, understood, motionless, placid, inactive, mute, tranquil, soundless, unruffled, mum, dumb, quiet, tacit, unsounded, still, noneffervescent. mum, silent(adj)

Whats the opposite of busy?

What is the opposite of busy?lazyslackunambitiouswork-shyfaineantfainéantprocrastinativeidleinactiveunoccupied48 more rows

What mean wake up?

an act or instance of waking up. an act or instance of being awakened: I asked the hotel desk for a wake-up at 6. a time of awaking or being awakened: I’ll need a 5 o’clock wake-up to make the early plane.