Question: Is Nayanthara Engaged?

Who is nayanthara married to?

Actress Nayanthara has been dating director Vignesh Shivan for four years now.

The two fell in love while shooting for Naanum Rowdy Dhaan and often make appearances in each other’s social media accounts.

Throughout their relationship several rumours have cropped up time and again that the couple are set to get married..

Is nayanthara married to Vignesh Shivan?

He went on to say that both Nayanthara himself have ambitions professionally and would like to achieve them first before tying the knot. On a funny note, Vignesh Shivan said that he and Nayanthara have apparently gotten married about 22 times according to media reports.

When did nayanthara get married?

2009Prabhu DevaNayanthara/Marry dates

Is nayanthara a knanaya?

A Knanaya Catholic by birth, she did her schooling in Jamnagar, Gujarat and Delhi. Following his retirement, they settled in Kerala, where she continued her college studies, at the Kendriya Vidyalaya schools in Kerala.

Who is Lady superstar in Tamilnadu?

Nayanthara (born Diana Mariam Kurian; 18 November 1984) is an Indian actress who predominantly appears and works in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam cinema. She was the only South Indian female actor to have made it to the Forbes India Celebrity 100 2018 list, with her total earning credited at ₹ 15.17 crores.

What is the salary of nayanthara?

Nayanthara’s net worth is about 10 million dollars which are about ₹ 71 crores in Indian rupees as of 2019 survey. She charges around ₹ 3 crores as salary for every film and considered as one of the highest-paid actresses in Kollywood.