Question: Can I Use A Second Keyboard For Macros?

Can a Bluetooth keyboard be paired with two devices?

First of all you CANNOT have one bluetooth keyboard controlling two devices SIMULTANEOUSLY.

You don’t need to control your computer at the same time you’re controlling your iPad..

How can I reuse an old keyboard?

10 Original Ideas to Reuse Computer KeyboardsStand for pencils.Computer Keyboard Keys Transformed Into Rings.You can make even a book cover for your favorite book!Leave notes on the fridge with these cool fridge magnets.A wonderful valentines gift that is handmade and really shows how much you love someone.Ear rings.More items…

What can I do with an old piano keyboard?

Check out these 15 gorgeous upcycling projects that will preserve at least part of your old piano and help you create a gorgeously musical aspect to your space!Piano tool bench. … Piano mini bar. … Piano front desk. … Piano computer desk. … Standing piano head board. … Grand piano planter. … Glass covered piano key coffee table.More items…

How do you use multiple keyboards?

The Basic Way: Just Connect Them Both! Just plug in an additional mouse or keyboard via a USB port, and give Windows a moment to add its drivers. Then, you can type using either keyboard, or control the cursor with both mice.

How do I make a macro on my keyboard?

How do I create macros?Using the mouse that you want to configure, start Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.In the list under the button that you want to reassign, select Macro.Click Create a new Macro. … In the Name box, type the name of the new macro.Click in Editor, and enter your macro.More items…

Can I use the same keyboard and mouse on two computers?

First, there is a cable called a KVM switch, which is short for “keyboard, video and mouse” switch. These let you share one mouse, keyboard and monitor between two computers. … If you are using the two different computers at the same time, that second one might be the best option for you.

Can you share a USB device between two computers?

A USB switch allows two or more computers to easily share a USB peripheral such as external hard drives, printers, and scanners. The USB switch saves you cost and space on additional USB devices. On the other hand, it eliminates the need to unplug the USB peripheral from one computer and then plug it into the other.

How do I share my mouse between two monitors?

Right click on your desktop, and click “display” – you should be able to see the two monitors there. Click detect so it shows you which one is which. You can then click and drag the monitor into the position that matches the physical layout. Once done, try to move your mouse there and see if this works!

How do I get rid of an old keyboard?

Recycling Old Keyboards and Electronic EquipmentGo online to find the nearest recycling center. Check for nearby places to drop off your equipment and local programs to recycle your gear. … Donate functioning equipment. Goodwill is a great local place to donate equipment. … Sell your equipment. If it’s still functioning, sell it!

What can you do with a spare keyboard?

What to Do With Your Old KeyboardGift It. If you have either a rubber-dome or mechanical keyboard that’s in working order, why throw it away? … Sell It. Some keyboards are worth a solid chunk of money even after they’ve been used for a while. … Donate It. … Re-purpose It. … Recycle It.

What is the second keyboard layout?

The keyboard layout is the arrangement of the keys on a computer keyboard. The two most commonly used keyboard layouts used today are the Dvorak and QWERTY.

Can two users simultaneously share one PC?

Windows 10 makes it easy for multiple people to share the same PC. To do it, you create separate accounts for each person who will use the computer.