Is Unlink A Word?

Originally Answered: What is the difference in meaning of the verbs unlink and delink.

So far as I know, there is no difference.

Both verbs are a shorter way of saying ‘to detatch something from a link..

transitive verb. Break the connection between (something) and something else. ‘Some would argue that this is an expression of an inexorable trend: the inherent tendency of silicon capitalism to delink the growth of production from that of employment.

verb (used with object) to separate the links of (a chain, linked bracelet, watchband, etc.); unfasten. to detach or separate by or as if by undoing one or more connecting links: to unlink hands.

What word means to take away or remove?

annihilate, take away, eradicate, withdraw, bear off, remove, carry away, decimate, wipe out, manage, pull off, detract, extinguish, negociate, take, carry off, bring off, take out, eliminate, bear away.

Which is the best synonym for to remove quickly?

Which is the best synonym for to remove quickly? snare charm entreat pluckAmbitious.10 answers.358 people helped.

What does it mean to remove something?

Whatever it is, when you remove something, you take it somewhere else or get rid of it completely. The verb remove usually means taking something off or getting rid of something. For example, when you take off your coat, you remove it, or when you remove a skillet from the heat, you take it off the burner.

The other bank accounts that are linked to the division are displayed. To delink the accounts from the division they can be selected and transferred to the adjoining table. … The bank where the account is held is displayed.