Could Gohan Beat Vegeta?

Why is Gohan so weak now?

I agree that Gohan(Mystic) has definitely become weaker after Buu saga.

This is a consequence of Gohan neglecting his training and pursuing on becoming a professor.

Remember, after Frieza was defeated, Gohan asked Picollo to help him train again, in order to gain the power to protect his family..

Why did Android 17 win?

When Goku was searching for strong fighters to represent Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power, his search brought him to Android 17 who had changed a lot since his time in Dragon Ball Z. … His new characterization also brought a new level of power and his training on the island even made him a match for Goku.

Who killed Gohan?

15 Gohan – 1 time The second time Gohan died was much more permanent. He was killed by Androids 17 and 18 in the Future Trunks’ timeline. They overwhelmed him with energy blasts while he was in his Super Saiyan form. His body was found by Trunk.

Is Mystic Gohan stronger than SSJ blue?

Depicted as being equal in power to Super Saiyan Blue in the anime, the manga makes the form even stronger, with Gohan in his Ultimate form able to defeat the powerful Kefla in her Legendary Super Saiyan form, a feat narrowly accomplished in the anime by Goku, who was barely able to knock the fused warrior out of the …

Why are the future androids weaker?

In the Cell and Trunks timelines: Androids 17 and 18 are weaker because the Z Fighters didn’t prepare for the upcoming Android threat, thus setting the bar for killing Goku much lower. Also, Goku is dead due to the heart virus. Android 16 is either scrapped, or never finished by the time Gero is killed by Future 17.

Can Vegeta defeat Goku?

Vegeta’s never beaten Goku and he never will. Both his “victories” against the lower class Saiyan aren’t exactly wins. While Vegeta would have won their fight during the Saiyan– that much is undeniable– Gohan and Krillin interrupt the battle before Vegeta can finish off Goku.

Who can defeat Vegeta?

1 NEVER WILL BEAT: Goku It’s a sad turn of events that Vegeta will never accept due to his Saiyan pride, but it’s a reality that needs to be affirmed regardless. His drive to beat Goku is what will enable him to defeat the others.

Can Goku beat Naruto?

Goku can fight faster than Naruto can see when Naruto is in his most OP’d form. Goku would brush Naruto’s most powerful attack off like it was nothing while Naruto was in his most OP’d form.

Could Gohan have beaten cell without Vegeta?

Gohan would to have to generate and put out enough energy to not only completely push back a SSJ2 level of energy (in which Gohan was able to check it up until that point – a regular SSJ could no way do that), but also put out enough energy to obliterate Cell. … Vegeta, who isn’t even a FPSSJ broke them ankles on Cell.

Is Gohan stronger than Android 17?

Android 17 proved himself a highly capable warrior by fighting on par with Super Saiyan Blue Goku. … Considering that Piccolo observed the performances of both fighters in the Tournament of Power, this serves as confirmation that Gohan is indeed stronger than Android 17.

Who Android 17 wife?

IsabellaIsabella (イザベラ, Izabera) is the wife of Android 17 and the loving mother of their child and two adoptive children. She’s the sister-in-law of Krillin and Android 18, and the loving aunt of Marron.

Why did DBZ ruin Gohan?

Pretty sure Toriyama wanted Gohan to become the new main character, but the fans wanted Goku to be the one who beats Buu. It is what it is. “Toriyama added that he wanted Gohan to replace his father as the new hero of the series, however, it did not work well with the fans.”

Did Vegeta kill Goku?

Vegeta has legitimately beaten Goku once – at the beginning of the series during the Saiyajin saga. He lost in the end due to outside interference. … Majin vegeta did not beat goku. They decided to call off the match and then majin vegeta did a cheap shot on goku.

Is Vegeta stronger than Gohan?

While Vegeta arguably has the lead up until the Android Saga, Gohan is a tier above the Prince of Saiyans throughout the rest of Dragon Ball Z. Ultimate Gohan wrecks Majin Vegeta without missing a beat. If Goku’s son continued to evolve and train, Gohan could have matured into the strongest Z fighter of all time.

Does Gohan fight Vegeta?

Yes you can. Gohan beat Vegeta and landed the finishing blow, as Vegeta couldn’t fight anymore.